How To Weld A Bandsaw Blade

There will be times when you can weld a bandsaw blade instead of having to buy a new one. Bandsaws are a great tool to have in a woodworking shop. They can be used for a variety of intricate cutting projects, and creating designs in wood, metal, and plastic.

Because of the expense of the machine, and the bandsaw blades, it is a much better option to weld the blades together, when it breaks, rather than buying a new one. A bandsaw blade is not like a regular saw blade. They are a continuous loop that travels in a circle around through the machine that creates the cutting action.

Through use, or pressure applied the blade in a strange way, the bandsaw blade can snap. When this happens it is much easier to simply weld the blade back together rather than spend your money on a costly new blade. However, if the blade is extensively damaged, you will need to replace it.

What You Will Need

•Tig Welder
•Welding gloves
•Welding visor

Step One - Prepare Blade

Before you start welding the blade together, inspect it to make sure it is strong enough to last. Sometimes the blade breaks because it is getting brittle with use and rust. Take a good look at it to make sure it is alright. Use some degreasing agents to clean the blade. Spray it on both ends of the broken area and let it set for about 10 minutes. Wipe off the degreaser with a damp cloth.

Step Two - Grind Ends

Once you have the ends cleaned you can use a small grinder and grind the two ends so that they will butt against each other tightly. The best way to do this it to use a vise. Tighten an end into a vise to it is sticking up into the air. Use the grinder at an angle and create a 45 degree angle into the end of the blade. Do the same with the other end so that when they are butt together they overlap for a tight fit.

Step Three - Weld Bandsaw Blade

Situate the bandsaw blades together in the vise so that the ends are touching. Make sure they are together tight. Use the tig welder and weld the two pieces together. It is important that the two pieces are tight together at this point or the weld will not be strong enough for the blade to be useful. Also, make sure that the blade is straight without any bend, or kink. Once you have one side done, add more strength to the weld, by turning it over and doing the same thing to the other side.

Step Four - Grind Weld Smooth

After you have welded the pieces back together, let it cool completely. Using the grinder again, touch it to the weld until you have a smooth area again. You will need to grind both sides of the bandsaw blade. Wash it off and reinstall into the bandsaw.

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