How to Widen a Freestanding Carport

What You'll Need
New carport cover
Measuring Tape

If you have a freestanding carport that only fits just one car, you may want to extend it so that you can fit another one in. This is very common when it comes to families that are expanding. Whether you are moving to the perfect home that has a smaller garage, or you are expanding your family and need a new car, it can be done on your own. Here are a few tools that you may need as well as a step by step guide to help.

Step 1 - Measure

Begin by measuring the size that you want the new carport to be. Decide what you will be putting in it and measure with these considerations. Then, purchase a new cover for the new size carport that you are looking for. You may want to have a friend help you with the measuring process to be sure that you get it right. Also, be sure that you are measuring a few times from both the top and the bottom so that you can be sure your measurements are correct. When purchasing a new cover, you may also want to check to be sure that there is a refund policy, especially since you are fitting the cover for the first time. This way, in case your measurements are off by a little, you can still return it for a different one. 

Step 2 - Remove Cover and Move

Since it is a freestanding carport, you will need to work both sides or just one side, depending on your situation. It may be easier to keep one side in tact and then just widen using the other, but it is a personal or space decision to make. Use a ladder to remove the cover that is on there currently. Remove the posts that you have in place already and dig a new hole to fit them in. If you want to make it permanent, you can consider pouring cement into the hole after you put the pole in to harden around it.

Step 3 - Set Up and Replace Cover

Now, use the ladder to secure the new cover on. Begin on one end and work your way around the carport. You will want to have someone help you with this step to make it a little bit easier on yourself. Typically you can have one person at one end and another person at the other end securing it. The helper can hold it up in place on the opposite side. 

Be sure to check on the cover every few weeks to make sure that it stays secure. You will also want to be sure that you are caring for and maintaining it. Many times, people forget to wash off or maintain the cover and it wears out faster. To be sure that your cover has a long life, clean it every 3 to 4 weeks thoroughly.