How to Wire a Gazebo Light

What You'll Need
PVC pipes
Wire cutters
120v Outlet
Receptacle boxes

In order to wire a gazebo light, you will need to run an electrical system out into your garden. This will provide you with the power that you need to use a gazebo light, although it is a rather complicated task, and you may prefer to use a battery-powered gazebo light rather than use electric wiring. This is a complicated project, and you might prefer to ask an electrician to do the wiring for you. If you still feel confident that you can do it, then you should allow yourself plenty of time to complete the project.

Step 1 -  Prepare the Ground

When you are ready to begin wiring your gazebo light, you should start by digging a large trench between your home and the gazebo. This should be deep enough to hold a PVC pipe comfortably. You should place your PVC pipes together in the ground, using connections to make them water-tight, exactly as you would if you were laying plumbing. You should then cover over the pipes until the ground is level with the rest of your garden, leaving only the two ends exposed.

Step 2 - Extend the Wiring

You can now take your wiring out to the gazebo. Turn off the electrical supply before you begin. You should splice the wires from a local junction box or from a nearby electrical source, such as an outside passage light. Bring the wires along the wall until you reach the PVC pipe, and then push them through the pipe until they come out the other end. You will need to have a long connection of wires, and you may also need to wrap hooks around the wires and pull them through the pipes on strings. However, they should emerge from the other end.

Step 3 -  Add your Receptacle

You should add the receptacle along the inside of your gazebo. You can use an electrical socket box for the receptacle, as the gazebo light should be plugged into this, or you can make it out of a junction box. Take the wires to the box, and then trim down the ends. Place the wires into the respective holes, so that you will create a circuit when the gazebo light is plugged in. You should, then, put the top onto the socket box and screw it firmly into the wall.

Step 4 - Add the Light

Next, add the gazebo light. You should be able to wire this into a plug, simply connecting the live wire to the live prong, and the neutral to the neutral prong. Make sure that all of your wires, both inside and outside the gazebo, are properly covered over so that they do not get wet, and then plug your gazebo light into the socket box. Screw the light into a convenient location, and then turn the power back on. Check that the light is working properly.