How to Wire a Halogen Ceiling Light

What You'll Need
Halogen recessed lighting fixture
14/3 electrical wire
Dry wall saw
Wire coat hanger
Wire nuts
Stud finder

A halogen ceiling light can be a lovely edition to your home lighting and most often a new home will always have these light already installed but when they die out, you will end up having to install a new one and wire it yourself.

Step 1 – Turn Off Power

Turn off power source of your halogen lamps. This will help ensure that you will not be electrocuted when you install and wire your new halogen light bulb replacement.

Step 2 – Check Access

Check if you can access wiring from the ceiling. If not then you will need to use a stud finder to find the location of the ceiling joists and you will be running the wire from the ceiling. But if you access the area above the location of your halogen lamp and wire from there then the use of the stud finder would not be necessary.

Step 3 – Drill a Hole

Drill a small hole on the ceiling, where you will the need to insert the straightened wire coat hanger. To help you ensure that there isn’t any obstruction in the surrounding area of the wiring system, take a wire coat hanger at least 4 inches and bend it a 90 degree angle. Poke it inside the hole and spin it around and feel for any obstacles. Keep doing this procedure to all the holes you will be wiring a light in. If there are any obstructions then you should probably relocate your halogen lighting.

Step 4 – Locate Power Source

Locate a power source for the halogen ceiling lighting. A nearby light source can be used. Position your new fixtures in between joists where the wires are already running. This will make it easier for you to wire you new lighting and not adding any additional power source. If wires have to run across the joists, it will be best to make a hole beneath the joists on the ceiling. Cut a hole through the joists to allow additional wiring to run through it.

Step 5 – Draw the Outline

    Draw an outline of your fixture. If you halogen lights came with a template use this as a basis for your layout.

    Step 6 – Cut the Outline

    Cut around the outline carefully using your dry wall saw. Do not cut it way too big because this will make it more difficult for you to attach your lighting.

    Step 7 – Connect the Wires

    Connect the wires to the holes from the power source. Strip 1 wire, clamp around 8 inches on each end of the wire coming from the junction box. Use wire nuts to fasten them in to the junction box. Make sure to connect wiring by color.

    Step 8 – Clamp the Wires

    Go back to the location where your new light fixtures are. Carefully and gently pull out wires allowing them to pass through the junction box. Clamp them and strip the wire end. Take wire nuts and use them to attach the lighting’s wires your home’s existing wiring.

    Step 9 – Position the Lighting Fixture

    Maintain the remaining wire lengths into the junction box and carefully place and position the lighting fixture to the ceiling. Some new lighting comes with clips that will help you stabilize the lighting and make sure they’re on the ceiling. Install the halogen bulbs gently. Switch on power source for your halogen lighting.