How to Wire a Hot Tub Pump

What You'll Need
Hot tub pump

A hot tub can bring endless pleasure for those enduring cold winter days or aching muscles. Whether your home has just had a new hot tub fitted, or if you are replacing an existing unit, wiring a hot tub pump is a fairly straightforward process that nearly anyone with a few DIY skills and a tool kit could undertake. 

In this article we will demonstrate how to wire a hot tub pump


Step 1: Don’t Get Shocked or Wet

Make sure all power to the hot tub is shut off. This will help in avoiding any nasty shocks that can come from working while the power is still on. You also need to close the water cut-off valve and drain the tub of all existing water. 

Step 2: Check the Connections

Your pump has three different connections. One for the primary pump, one for the secondary pump and a final connection for the blower. Thoroughly check that all connections are correct so the pump will attach properly to the hot tub. 

Step 3: Pull the Plug

Disconnect the pump by pulling the plug from the control unit. 

Step 4: The Ins and Outs

All hot tubs have a water inlet and a water outlet connector. These will need to be removed. On older hot tubs it may be worth replacing them with newer ones. These connectors are readily available at most pool and spa stores. 

Step 5: The Control Unit

While the power is still off, plug the pump’s electrical connection into its control unit. 

Step 6: Water

Connect the water. Make sure that fitting are tightly secured to prevent leakage from the pump unit, particularly near the source of electricity.

Step 7: The Moment of Truth

Double check all your connections. If you are sure that all your connection are proper and secure, you can turn on the power. 

Step 8: Leakage

As the tub starts to fill with water, keep a careful eye out for leaks. At the first sign of any leak, shut the water off and attend to it immediately. It is always a good idea to isolate any electrical source before this type of work can begin. Once the tub is full of water and free of leaks, the pump can be started. 

Step 9: Enjoy

The final step is to jump in your hot tub and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 


Pumps for hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes. They also come in single- and dual-speed options. The type that you will need will be dictated by the size of your hot tub. 

Count the number of jets in your hot tub. The more jets you have, the larger the pump will need to be. 

If you are replacing an existing pump, try to purchase the same model. This will lead to ease of fitting and will guarantee compatibility.