How to Wire an HID Ballast

  • 3-6 hours
  • Advanced
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
HID headlight kit
Two-sided tape
Zip ties
Relay harness
Ballast brackets

HID Conversion Kits include HID bulbs and HID ballast. It is possible to intensify the high and low headlight beams in your car for a better and clearer view.

The ballast ignites the lamp and allows the current to flow continuously through the bulb and keeps it illuminated. It also regulates the electrical current passing through the bulb. As the current flow is regulated, it enables the light to maintain its luminosity uniformly. It means that the use of ballasts is important to run the HID lights. HID bulbs have replaced the old styled halogen lights.

You get unmatched illumination for your car's headlight with HID headlights. The HID lights are the nearest to daylight in terms of brightness. Wiring the ballast for Xenon HID light is a bit more intricate than wiring of normal halogen bulbs of the automobile headlights. With these ballasts you save electrical energy as the power consumption on HID bulbs is much lower. The wiring diagram includes the details of connections. These are mostly supplied with the kit along with the instructions.

Steps 1 – Checking the Parts

Check the parts in HID kit. It should contain two ballasts, two relays, two HID (Bi-Xenon) headlight bulbs, wiring harnesses and the connecting wires.

Step 2 – Disconnecting the Battery

Disconnect the negative cable from battery.

Step 3- Installing the HID Bulbs

Remove the old bulbs. Install HID bulbs in headlight holders. Lock them in position. Never touch the HID bulbs with bare fingers. In case you have removed any rubber or plastic cover, insert the wires through the cover and fix the cover back.

Step 4- Connecting the Bulbs

Locate all the wires on the bulb base. The Bi-xenon HID bulbs have three wires projecting out from the back. Two of them are round connections while the third one is oval in shape. Connect male and female for both positive as well as negative wires coming out from the back of bulb to the ballast.

Step 5– Fixing the Ballasts

Mount the ballasts and HID kit securely using the two-sided tape or ballast mounting brackets keeping it closest to headlight but away from any source of heat in the engine compartment. It is better to group the wires with zip ties. The ballast should be set down behind headlight.

Step 6 – Making Connection to Battery

Fix the connecting wire ends to the positive and negative terminal screws on the battery. The negative wire of the harness should be fixed to negative battery terminal. Similarly, the positive wire goes to the positive battery terminal.

Step 7 – Installing the Relays

Fix the relay between each ballast and the vehicle battery. The relay serves to supply the surge of current to the HID bulbs from the battery to ignite them. The relay also regulates the voltage to keep a steady illumination. Mount the relay and inline fuse in their proper secure location.