How to Wire an iPOD to Your Car Headrest Monitor How to Wire an iPOD to Your Car Headrest Monitor

What You'll Need
Car headrest monitor
Video iPod or phone
Appropriate cable(s)
Car power cable

Wiring an iPod to the car headrest monitor may be hard to imagine. However, with the right accessory, you may attach your iPod without a fuss. The use of iPod has become widely popular when it was first introduced in 2001, and has been gaining more popularity until now. This is why accessories of all types are available everywhere to enhance people’s use of iPod. Having your portable video iPod on your car headrest monitor is also another way of enhancing your car’s sound and video system. Imagine having a long travel, where kids usually get bored on trip. Having an iPod installed to your car headrest monitor is the best way to keep them from picking a fight.

Step 1 – Get the Right iPod and Adapters

The first thing to do is to get an iPod that is capable of displaying video. You may use an I-Phone if that is what you have since it is capable of doing so. You need to purchase the right adapter that is made for your type of monitor. Go to the monitor’s manufacturer for the right accessory because jacks of different sizes and models varies depending on your car headrest monitor and not the iPod.

Step 2 – Attach the Cables

When wiring your iPod, you need to also check with the manufacturer’s instructional manual although all you need to do is to simply attach the cable to the iPod and then into the monitor. The cables are usually colored with red, white, and yellow jacks.

Step 3 – Connect it to the Power Source

Connect the car’s adapter to the power source as you always did with the monitor when using your DVD or other types of gadgets, if there is any. Since the iPod is battery operated, you do not need to plug it to a power source though you may do so if you have the right iPod charger connected to your car.

Step 4 – Check if it is Running Properly

Turn the monitor on assuming that you have already plugged it and then turn the iPod on the video you want to play and see if the monitor is displaying the video on the iPod.

Wiring an iPod to your monitor will only take about fifteen minutes if you have the right tools. If you can connect the iPod on your wide TV screen at home or your computer, it is done the same way with your car headrest monitor although the tool requirements vary from one car to another. Make sure that you charge the iPod’s battery before using it to make sure that you do not lose power when you are already on the road. However, when playing video while you are driving, you need to pay double attention to the road. There are some incidents that happened where drivers lost their focus in driving because of distraction. You need to focus on the road and not the video playing.

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