How to Wire an Outdoor Flood Light

A security flood light installed outside of a home.
  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30
What You'll Need
Electrical wire
Wire caps
Wire clips
Electric tape

A great solution for lighting up your outdoors for activities at night or increasing security measures is to install an outdoor floodlight. Wiring the outdoor floodlight is an easy task that requires simple tools and a small amount of time.

Step 1 - Turn off the Power

To avoid any potential electrical hazards, turn off your electricity from the main switch. This can be done by flipping the main power switch in your circuit breaker box. Make sure your main appliances (TV, fridge, and computers) are turned off to avoid any damage.

Step 2 - Connect Wire at the Nearest Electricity Outlet

Find the nearest outlet to your desired location of the floodlight; this could be an outlet near the main door or just outside it. Open the face of the outlet using the screwdriver and attach the wires to the side screws. Make sure that you match the colors of the wire while doing so: black goes with black and white with white.

Step 3 - Take Wire to the Desired Switch Position

Take the wire that you just connected to the outlet to the place where you want the switch to be. The location of the switch should be easily accessible to you from the outdoors, and yet not accessible to any random passerby. Attach the wire to the walls or the floor as you do so, using wire clips at a distance of two to four meters to do so properly. Wire clips can be easily hammered in.

Step 4 - Install the Switch

To install the switch, connect the black wire on both ends. This can be done by inserting the ends of the wire into the designed holes in the switch and tightening the screws that hold them in position. Do not try to use the switch on the white wire. Instead, connect the white wire to the next piece of white wire with wire caps and electric tape.

Step 5 - Connect the Wire to the Flood Light

Take the wire from the switch to the floodlight, still keeping it with the wall using wire clips. Connect it to the floodlight with wire caps and electric tape, matching the colors of the wires as before. If you need to extend the wire by attaching a new piece, make sure you cap and tape the connection.

Step 6 - Try it Out

Run a check on the wiring to see if everything is in place and there are no loose ends. Turn off the switch you have installed and put the face of the outlet you are using back in its usual position with the screwdriver. Now, turn on the main power switch and use the switch to test if the wiring is working properly.

If you complete all these steps, you should have your outdoor flood light working in no time.