How to Wire Heated Motorcycle Gloves

What You'll Need
Motorcycle gloves
Battery pack of re chargable batteries
Battery holder
Electrical tape
Plug and socket

Being outside in the cold riding can be hard on your hands, so heated motorcycle gloves have become a popular accessory for many riders. If you are interested in wiring a pair for yourself, here are a few steps that can help you through the process.

Step 1 - Prepare the Gloves

The first thing that you will need to do is prepare the gloves for the project. Many people like to buy a pair that is a little loose on the so that when the battery pack is in them you have enough room to move around still and have a full range of motion. You will want to find the part of the glove that double over a little bit near your wrist. It should be two layered and you can cut a slit on the inside layer that is small, but big enough to hide the battery in. Start out with a very small slit and then if you need to make it larger as you go along you can do so.

Step 2 - Hook Up The Battery

You will want to start with connect the battery holder to the socket. While you are doing this you will want to pull one of the wires through the switch. Then you can glue them together so they stay secure. You will need to find a plug that works with your socket so bringing it into a hardware store before beginning this project is you aren't familiar with the tools is probably the best idea as they can tell you right away what you will need. Now you will want to bundle up the connection and use electrical tape to keep together so you can fit into a pocket in the gloves.

Step 3 - Put Battery in Gloves

Now comes the tricky part. You will want to insert the battery with the holder into the small slit that you have made in your glove. You may have to adjust the slit bigger if you did not cut it big enough in the first place. However you want to still keep it as small as possible. Then, use the needle and thread to sew it just enough that it stays in place however not too much where you can't get the battery out to charge or replace if you needed to. The best idea is to sew both ends of the slit up a little bit to make a lip so that it can't fall out but you can still open it up forcefully. This way you can have access if you needed it.

You will want to experiment with different batteries depending on how long you want your gloves to be heated for. If you are wearing them for a long period of time you will have to change them as this only lasts for about a few hours.