How to Wire Two Light Switches from One Power Source

row of light switches on a wall
What You'll Need
Sheathed cable
Light switches
Wire nuts
Wire Stripper

Dealing with electrical wires in any DIY project can be confusing and dangerous, but learning how to wire two light switches from just one power source is not any harder than using two separate sources.

Remember that your safety is important, so take precautions when dealing with any type of wiring. Read the steps below to help guide you through wiring your two light switches.

Step 1 - Turn the Power Off

breaker panel

This step is very important, and as simple as it sounds. Being careless in this step could cause a very dangerous situation. Make sure that all power going to the power source is turned off, and test to make sure that it is before attempting to work with any wires for your project.

Step 2 - Run the Cable

You will want to run a cable from the power source to the first light switch, and then from the first switch to the second switch. Taking sheathed cable, strip about an inch or so, and then run it from the switch to the fixture. Then you will have to push the stripped sheathing into the box.

Step 3 - Connect the Wires

Connect the wires to the receptacle issuing the power to the switches. You will want to once again strip about an inch or so of the wires, and then attach them to the green ground, and then securely attach it with a screw. Then, you will need to attach the white wire to the silver terminal, as well as the black wire to the brass terminal.

Step 4 - Cut and Strip

Next you will want to cut a 6-inch piece and also strip each end of a black wire. Save the black wire.

Step 5 - Twist Together

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Starting with the first switch, twist all the bare wires together and then cap it off using a wire nut. Now, you can move onto the second switch, and repeat the above steps that you did when working with the first switch.

Step 6 - Attach White Wires

Now, attach the white wires together at the first and the second switch. Start with the first switch and twist the bare ends together, and then cap it again using another wire nut. At the second switch you will want to attach the two white wires and repeat the above steps just as you did when working with the first switch.

Step 7 - Attach the Black Wires

Attach the black wires that are coming in from the receptacle to the outgoing black wire. Then attach the other piece of black wire. Once again, you can cap it with a wire nut. Then, you will want to create a U shape using the black wire and then attach that to the switch as well. Tighten the screw very tightly, but make sure you don't over tighten, avoiding any stripping of the screw.

Following the above steps carefully and understanding each wire is key. Again, your safety comes first, so remember to be careful, and turn off all of the power. Then enjoy the rewards of knowing you've done a great job on your own.