How to Wire Your Garage Door How to Wire Your Garage Door

What You'll Need
Electrical wire
Wire box
Box plate
Wire stripper
Wire cutter

If you need to wire your garage door to take the instructions of a garage door opener, then this is not a very difficult task. It is easy to be intimidated by people suggesting that it is not a suitable job for an amateur, but once you have started one, you will be surprised how easy it is. It can be done very quickly, and all that you really need to do is take your garage outlet close enough to the door so that you can fit in the opener receiver. Performing this job should not take you very long, and you will only need a few hand tools and some basic instructions.

Step 1 - Shutting of the Electricity

Before you can begin wiring your garage door, you will need to make sure that the electricity is turned off. This is vitally important if you will be handling wires from the main circuit, so take out all of the circuit breakers. This will ensure that no power travels through the circuit box and then through the wires you are holding. It is also a good idea if you wear a pair of wellington boots, and use some safety gloves which have rubber protection. This will prevent electricity traveling through your body to the ground. Take care when handling any kind of electricity.

Step 2 - Opening the Outlet Box

Go to the nearest plug in your garage, and with the power off, unscrew the plate on the front of the box. With this removed, you will be able to see another two screws, at the top and bottom of the outlet box. Take these off, and then pull the outlet box away from the wall. This should expose the wires behind it.

Step 3 - Adding Wires

Take the ends of the wires, and then strip away an inch from each of the ends, and then combine these with the new electrical wires. You should be able to cover over any exposed wires using a wire cover, a small rubber insulation tube which is available at most local stores. Remove this, and then extend the wires to where you want the new outlet to be.

Step 4 - Fixing the Outlet

Place the outlet box where the wires end, and push your wires through the back. Take off the inch of insulation, and then screw this into the outlet screws. The white wire should go with the white screw, the black wire with the black. You can then replace the outlet on the wall. Screw the outlet box to the wall. Attach more wires, and then extend these towards the garage door.

Step 5 - Adding the Opener

Add the box to the garage door joist, near to the opener. Take the wire near the garage door, and place it in the conduit box. You should then be able to connect the screws, just as you did with the outlet box. Screw on a box plate, and then you can turn the electricity back on.



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