How to Word Wedding Reception Invitations How to Word Wedding Reception Invitations

If you are inviting people to the wedding or the wedding reception, make sure that the information is clearly printed for all to understand. There are a number of traditional as well as creative ways of wording wedding reception invitations. But what confuses you at the time of wording invitations is selecting between the old-fashioned style or the very-modern technique. There should not be any such confusion because the thing of the primary importance is the information you are conveying. Style and Creativity are applied to guide the invitees.

One important piece of information that you need to include is the reception venue and the time. Also specify if the dress is going to be formal or not. Include an RSVP for your convenience. You can state the invitation in formal or informal language. Say something along the lines of: We invite you to celebrate our love and marriage at …. If it is a second wedding for the bride, make sure that you use her legal name and the name she is known by. This will save a lot of bother for the guests. Do not say `Adults Only’ on the invitation. If you want to exclude children, pass this information along by word of mouth.

To indicate who the hosts are, send the invitations in their names. If the parents of the bride or groom are divorced and remarried, include the names of only the parents, not their spouses. If you follow these simple tips, you should be able to word an invitation perfectly. Just state whatever you want to say in simple yet elegant language.

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