How to Work with UPVC Pipe

What You'll Need
PVC glue
PVC fittings

If you want a good, strong material for your plumbing, then you might consider using uPVC pipe. This type of pipe is similar to the more familiar PVC pipe, and are made of the same chemicals. However, some of the agent chemicals which turn PVC into the slightly plastic type of pipe we know, are left out of the uPVC pipe manufacture. This can mean that it becomes nearly as rigid as cast iron.

Step 1 - Getting the Size Right

The main difference between uPVC pipe and PVC pipe is that the former is much more rigid. This can be a problem when you are cutting pipe to fit a drain or supply line, since uPVC doesn't have the same fitting abilities that a PVC pipe does. The only way to make sure that you get it right is to remember to cut the uPVC pipe as close to exact as possible, since you won't have any of the flexibility that PVC usually supplies.

Step 2 -  Fitting in Place

You can use PVC fittings to hold your uPVC into place, and this will allow you to get the most from your installation. Use PVC glue to hold the pieces in place.