How to Write Your Own Car Computer Software

  • 40-300 hours
  • Advanced
  • 100-2,500
What You'll Need
C++ skills
Advanced automotive knowledge
Service manual

If you want to write your own car computer software, you must understand the different processes involved and what it means to write software for your computer. If you are familiar with computer languages and have programmed other kinds of software, then you should have a better idea of how this is to be completed, but if you have never worked on a computer program before, then you may need some assistance before you begin. Programming your own car computer software will never be easy, and you will need to learn what each of the different tools your car needs in order to work out a software program.

Step 1 - Learn Computer Skills

The basic knowledge of computing that you learn at school will not be enough to get you through programming your own car computer software. If you have not done this sort of thing before, then you should consider enrolling in a computing course at your local college or taking an Internet course.

Make sure that you understand the basic languages of the computer, the C+ and the C++. These are the two basic systems used by most computers, in fact any operating system can be written using the C+ language. Other types of computer language, such as Java, will be needed to be running your tools, and having them display information on your dashboard. Make sure that you also have enough maths skills to get you through the programming part.

Step 2 - Plan the Software

The next step is working out exactly what you need in order to write the software. The problem which you have in this instance is getting the computer software to talk to all of the tools which you will need to monitor driving speed, digital read outs, and so on. It is best that all of these items speak the same computer language, as this will allow you to plug them into the computer so the software will run without any problems. You then need to develop an algorithm to teach the computer to understand what the different tools are saying.

Step 3 - Program the Computer

Once you have developed an algorithm to solve the problem of all the tools being managed by the computer, you can then write a code that the computer will read when it is going through the processes. Look at computer codes for machines that do multiple tasks, such as a flight computer or something which runs multiple tools at once. This will help you to teach the computer what it needs to do.

Once you have written the code, you can then run it as a program on the computer and then execute it so that it will run whenever you instruct the computer to open that file.