How Versatile Is Engineered Floating Wood Flooring?

When choosing flooring, engineered floating wood flooring is a great decision. The flooring comes in so many varieties of finishes, veneers, and sizes that you can use it in practically any wood flooring project that you have coming up.

What is Engineered Floating Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is real wood layers that are very strong, laminated together cross-grain in each layer. Floating is an installation process where a thin layer is placed on the floor and the tongues and grooves of each piece of wood flooring is glued and then set together without attaching the flooring material to the floor, only to each piece of flooring. 

Ways to Use Engineered Floating Wood Flooring

Engineered floating wood flooring can be used effectively over a concrete sub-floor. Because you do not anchor the flooring to the floor you have the opportunity to put the flooring on any surface. You can also install floating wood flooring on uneven floors for the same reasons, because you do not anchor the flooring to the foundation or the floor of the house small inequalities in the sub-floor can be nearly invisible.

In addition to using the engineered wood flooring on floors, you can use the same materials and create an attractive accent wall or a fireplace hearth or mantle.