How Windmill Electricity Is Created

One of the frequently asked questions surrounding the use of wind power is how windmill electricity is generated. While windmills, also known as wind turbines, the question of how they work is especially relevant for people considering installing their own windmill.

Spinning Blades

The functionality of a windmill is both relatively complex. The simple explanation of how a windmill functions and creates electricity is that the blades spin as they catch the wind as it flows past the windmill. The blades turn in response. As the blades turn, they turn a rotor. The rotor is connected to a generator which in turn creates electricity. In home windmills, the electricity is stored in power cells that stand by until the home or business needs the electricity, which is then converted to a usable form.

The longer explanation is that while wind farm turbines work in the same basic manner as home windmills, they are also a bit more complex in that the energy that they collect is sent to an extremely large power energy collector.  That energy is then sent to a larger power plant, who usually purchases that energy to sell to homeowners and businesses.

Windmill electricity is a sustainable form of energy that is not only ecologically sound, but is an old idea come full circle with new technologies.