How Your Family Can Help the Environment Right Now How Your Family Can Help the Environment Right Now

In order to help the environment and protect it, one needs take action and what better way to start than with one’s own family. There are many ways in which your family can act to keep the environment clean, green and safe for years to come. Here are the best ways to be eco-friendly as a family.  

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

The 3 Rs of eco-friendly living should be a family mantra. Encourage family members, especially kids, to reuse paper, to use cloth instead of paper and to reduce consumption of energy and other resources. Not only will this help to protect the environment, it will also help cut costs and simplify life.  Recycling, too, should be an essential part of your family life. Keep containers for recycling paper, glass and other products in a central area and have family members drop off their stuff regularly. 

Give Up Plastic

One of the easiest ways to help save the environment and reduce the size of the landfills across the country is to say “no” to plastic. Invest in reusable shopping bags, buy biodegradable or reusable containers for food and water and encourage kids to take lunch to school in a cloth lunch bag or steel lunchbox.

Eat Organic, Local Produce

Food that is grown organically is free of the chemicals and pesticides used in the cultivation of regular fresh produce. So, it is better for your body and the planet. Also, buying locally cultivated fruits and vegetables is a good way of going green since local produce consumes less energy in traveling from the farm to the store. Eating more fruits and vegetables is not only good for your health but also for the health of the environment.

Cook from Scratch

Cooking your meals from scratch will not only put tastier, healthier meals on the table, but it will also reduce consumption of processed and packaged foods. These packaged foods use a lot of plastic packaging to keep items fresh and are treated with chemicals and preservatives that don’t do the environment or your body much good. Instead, buy fresh produce and make meals from scratch to reduce consumption of packaged foods.

Walk When Possible

Fuel consumption is one of the biggest contributors to environmental damage and pollution. Reducing this can make a big impact on the environment’s health. Choosing to walk instead of driving, carpooling and taking the public transport are all easy and economical ways to help the environment. Encourage kids to cycle to school or play activities. Spend time outdoors running and playing to stay healthy and reduce your family’s dependence on cars.

Use Chemical-Free Cleaning Products

Although there are many commercial, green cleaning products on store shelves, you can also make your own by using ingredients as simple as vinegar, salt and baking soda. These chemical-free alternatives are easy on the environment and as effective as any store-bought cleaner is.

Protecting the environment may seem like a huge challenge. However, every step in the right direction makes a difference. Acting as a family is a great way to go green and help the environment for generations to come.

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