HP vs CC Golf Cart Motors

A golf cart motor is an important aspect to think about when making the decision to buy a new golf cart. Knowing what some of the terms are that are thrown around when talking about golf cart motors will help you to choose the right one for your needs.

Do You Buy HP or CC?

A big misconception when buying a motor of some kind that that there is a different motor that is rated in horsepower (HP) and a separate motor rated in cubic centimeters (CC). The truth is, that every motor is rated in both of these metrics.

Cubic Centimeters

The CC's of a motor relates to the size of it. This measurement is made by taking the measurement of the volume of the bore from the top of the piston to the top and bottom of its motion in the cylinder. A larger CC number, the larger the motor.


This measurement is the actual amount of power that is being output from the engine. This is the most common metric people hear, but does not directly relate to the size of the engine.

Golf Cart Motor and Power

When thinking about buying a golf cart motor you must take into consideration the power output more than the size of the motor. A large horsepower output may be too much to handle for a young child or in adverse course conditions.