Humidifiers Filter

A humidifier filter enables a humidifier to add humidity and circulation to the air around it. Therefore, filters for humidifiers are a vital component of humidifiers.

How filters for humidifiers work

A common type of humidifier is an evaporative, or wick, humidifier, which has a reservoir, a wick (filter), and a fan. The reservoir is a containing tank that is filled with water before the humidifier is activated. The humidifiers filter absorbs the reservoir water, which then evaporates into a room as humidity. The fan blows onto the wick, aiding in the evaporation.

Humidifiers without filters

In order to avoid cleaning or replacing a humidifiers filter, some people opt for humidifiers without filters, which work by electrostatic charge. Air is charged with particles and transported past a collection grid that carries an opposite charge. The grid attracts air impurities like a magnet.

Caring for a humidifiers filter

As a humidifiers filter performs, it collects water sediments and mineral deposits, as well as dust and mold, so filters for humidifiers need frequent cleaning or replacing. Otherwise, the humidifiers filter cannot absorb the reservoir water and the humidifier ceases to humidify its area.