Hurricane: House Preparation Guide

Lead Image for Hurricane: House Preparation Guide

Hurricane season can be a potentially devastating time for you and your loved ones. The best way to ensure that you are minimally impacted is by preparing your home to best defend itself.

Follow the tips below and you will be on your way to reducing the risks involved during a hurricane:

Take Inventory

In case you do suffer losses during a hurricane it is best to make your insurance claims as hassle free as possible. Take photos and video of your home and its belongings as well as your valuables. Such documentation will help speed the processing of your claim.

Safeguard Important Documents

Take all important documents such as birth certificates, passports and insurance policies, and put them away in a portable fireproof safe. These are usually not much bigger than a briefcase and will help protect your documents from damage.

Protect Your Pool

Do not drain your pool; this can lead to structural damage during a hurricane. Instead, over chlorinate your pool water. Turn off any circuit breakers which control electricity in or around your pool. If you cannot store pool area items such as chairs and toys, place them inside the pool itself.

Disconnect Electronics

Make sure that all electronics such as computers, television sets, stereos, and so forth are unplugged from electrical outlets. Also, if you have a satellite dish and are able to get to it, disconnect it and bring it inside.

Eleminate Potential Dangers

During a hurricane common household objects become deadly projectiles. Clean up your yard and throw away all loose foliage and branches. At this time also check your gutters and clean them out if necessary. Clogged gutters can force water into your home.

Protect Windows

The best thing to do to your windows is cover them with hurricane shutters, which will completely block anything from entering your home during the storm and prevent harmful situations like exploding glass. There are 5 types of shutters: Plywood, roll-down, accordion and storm panel. The list is in order of cost from least to most.

If you cannot use shutters, the next best thing is to put tape on your windows in the shape of an asterisk. Use duct tape preferably. If something happens to hit your window, the tape prevents the glass from flying everywhere.

Secure Doors

Make sure that all of your doors are in good condition. If you have any doors that open inwardly, add some extra locks or slide bolts. The most vulnerable doors are French doors and double doors so stay away from them during the storm.

Secure Your Roof

Check for loose or cracked tiles on your roof and replace them.

Following these steps will help protect you and your home from the severe damage a hurricane can inflict.