Husky Electric Pressure Washer

Among the more versatile of light-duty residential units, the Husky electric pressure washer, known as the DeckMate 2-N-1, is far more affordable than many competitors' models at $139, but it features a unique design that increases its functionality. With its double-headed nozzle, the DeckMate 2-N-1 offers a standard spray mode in addition to a rotating spray for a variety of cleaning methods. Designed with an easy walk-behind frame, the tool features a maintenance-free, direct drive pump, built-in casters and a convenient mounting slot for the spray gun. 

DeckMate Specifications

The Husky electric pressure washer has a max pressure rating of 1400 PSI with a pump that puts out 1.3 gallons of water per minute. The nozzle rotates at 1500 RPM but can be switched to standard wash mode. The rotating feature makes for faster, more effective cleaning. An on-board tank for optional detergent use is included. The Husky washer has a 35-foot power cord for use over a wider area. 


Use the Husky DeckMate pressure washer for all manner of light-duty home cleaning jobs. The tool is powerful enough to clean light soil from vinyl siding, porches, gutters or decks. Clean windows, automobiles and other vehicles. Since it can be used indoors, clean a surface before painting it or use it to quickly hose off a shed roof.