HVAC Installation

An HVAC system.

Doing a home HVAC installation is rather straight forward. What you may think is the easiest part of a home HVAC installation is probably the hardest: choosing a thermostat.

Choice of Thermostat

This may be one of the most difficult parts of your home HVAC installation. This is because there are so many different units to choose from. Furthermore, all the units have different options. Also, as the HVAC unit becomes more complex the thermostat will need to be changed out as well.

Correct Placement of the Thermostat

Where to place a thermostat is pretty much common sense. You want to place it about 5 feet high so you don’t have to bend over. Also, the location should have good airflow and not be able to change temperature drastically. This means that you should not place it by anything that will heat it up including the path of the sun.

Checking Your Thermostat and HVAC Installation

At the end of the day, you should have your HVAC installation checked by someone else or double-check it yourself. You should also double-check the thermostat location to make sure it’s in the best possible location.