HVAC Load Calculation

A heating and cooling system for your home will only be efficient and effective if you get the right size system. HVAC load calculation means actually calculating what size unit you will need for your size space. Here are some tips to perform proper HVAC load calculation.

How to go About HVAC Load Calculation

If you don’t do a proper HVAC load calculation, you may end up with a system that does not keep your home comfortable and runs up your utilities unnecessarily. 

Also not performing a HVAC load calculation may mean that you purchase a system that runs too hard to attempt to do the job and does not last as long as it should. Alternately, skipping a HVAC load calculation could mean that you purchase a unit that will never actually run to its full capacity and wasting a lot of money.

Most people find that using software is the best way to complete a HVAC load calculation. Very few people, even professionals, manually figure HVAC load calculation in today’s high tech world. You may still find that having a copy of what is known as a Manual J book is a handy item to have even if you don’t use it for manual HVAC load calculation.