Hydraulic Hammers Hydraulic Hammers

Hydraulic hammers are different from portable pneumatic hammers. The hydraulic hammers are mostly fitted to other machinery such as excavators for application in building roads, preparing the ground for basic structural construction activities, and in certain cases, as an implement in demolition jobs.

The hydraulic hammers are controlled by maintaining a firm hold at the rear part of the hammer and the other hand on the grip of the hammer.

Uses of Hydraulic Hammers

Specialized applications of the hydraulic hammers include use in quarries and mining and other exploratory and geological activities. Hydraulic hammers are useful when the work surface is relatively inaccessible to the worker.

In do it yourself projects hydraulic hammers are primarily used for demolishing existing structures in renovation jobs. It is recommended that the hydraulic hammers be operated only by workers who are in prime fitness condition; this is because hydraulic hammers are quite heavy (some models weigh as much as nineteen kilograms).

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