Hydrogen vs Diesel Fuel Cost

Hydrogen fuel costs more than diesel fuel. Hydrogen is a type of compound derived from water. Although water is less expensive than oil, it is a newer technology. Until hydrogen fuel is more widely available, consumers will pay more to get it.


Hydrogen in primarily sold in the state of California. In some cases, consumers in California can find hydrogen fuel at a similar price of unleaded gasoline. Drivers in other states who have hydrogen-powered vehicles will ultimately pay a higher cost for hydrogen, due to the transportation costs of the fuel.

Diesel Facts

Diesel is currently less expensive than hydrogen fuel, but is more expensive than regular gasoline. As of December 2010, drivers can find diesel at an average price of $3.15, about 30 cents more than gasoline. Diesel is used primarily by trucks and is not in as high of demand as unleaded gasoline.

Bottom Line

Hydrogen fuel costs range between $2.00 and $9.00, based on a consumer's location. As hydrogen demand increases, the cost of the fuel will decrease. Currently, the majority of drivers use unleaded gasoline for their vehicles, which is why their fuel costs are the lowest. Between the three types, diesel fuel remains in the middle overall.