Hydronic Heating Systems

One popular option for keeping a home warm through the winter is hydronic heating systems. These baseboard heaters use a liquid to heat up the air in a room.

Hydronic baseboard heaters are installed low down on the wall so they can draw in any cold air at the bottom of the room and then heat it and force it back out into the room. These heaters run at lower temperatures than many other type of heater, so they can safely be located level with the wall.

Ease of Use

A hydronic baseboard heater is an independent type of heater which does not need to be connected to your homes plumbing. They contain a sealed unit containing water or another liquid and their own electrical element which is used to heat up the water, and thereby the air. These heaters are normally fitted to their own thermostat, so it possible to set their temperatureaccurately and efficiently. However, they are fitted to the wall and cannot normally be moved around, although there are some smaller portable examples available.


Since a hydronic baseboard heater is a sealed unit, the water or other liquid is not able to escape. This means that there's no need to worry about topping up the levels of liquid in the system. It's also a very low maintenance system and they are extremely easy to install. These hydronic baseboard heaters are very quiet and hardly make a noise.

Hydronic heating also doesn't cause the air to dry out and it doesn't spread any allergens around the room. Because they are so easy to install they can be fitted into any room which would otherwise be hard to heat. They just need an electrical socket.