Ideal Conditions for Aluminum Storm Windows Ideal Conditions for Aluminum Storm Windows

When you have made the decision to have storm windows installed in your home, you are going to have to decide whether or not it is necessary to have aluminum storm windows installed versus the regular type. Of course there are numerous benefits to using storm windows. The first and foremost is how effective they are at helping you maintain a very nice amount of cash in your own wallet. The biggest cost comes from dealing with your temperature controls. When you add storm windows, you will find that this acts as an additional insulator to the windows and will help keep your heat in as well as keeping the cold air out.

Aluminum Storm Windows

When you are looking at the amount of energy that is lost to windows, you will find that when you install aluminum storm windows you can reduce this loss by 50 percent. They are designed to specifically reduce the amount of air that enters and leaves your home during the summer and winter seasons. This will have a direct effect on your heating bill. 

The Material Itself

The benefit from using aluminum is that it is incredibly lightweight. When you are installing the windows, it is important to remember that the main frame of the window can only hold so much weight. So by choosing aluminum, you will find that it is perfect for holding the window in place as well as making sure that the window frame doesn’t strain under the weight. An additional benefit is that aluminum is incredibly easy to find in a variety of shapes and sizes, which makes aluminum storm windows more accessible to those homes that have rather unique window shapes. 

Facing the Weather

Aluminum itself is incredibly weather resistant. This means that there is minimal to zero maintenance required on your end. You will find that aluminum does not warp or rot, which means that you will not have to replace it in the future. 

Security Benefits

A surprising benefit of having aluminum storm windows is the added security to your home. All of the aluminum storm windows are fitted very tightly with your windows, which makes them incredibly difficult to open.

Other Advantages

As with all storm windows there are a number of inherent benefits to having them installed. They help you with your energy savings. They are incredibly affordable. They are the easiest to clean and they are very durable. While controlling the temperature within the home, you will find that it also reduces the amount of ultra violet light the passes through your windows. They also reduce the glare of the sun.

The Big Disadvantage

As with all things, there is always at least one negative aspect to consider. The biggest downfall to having aluminum storm windows is that aluminum conducts both hot and cold temperatures. This means that while it is beneficial in both types of weather, the storm windows will create a lot of condensation which will age your windows quickly. A further downfall is that if condensation forms, there is the possibility that it could freeze and become frost and further damage your windows. The moisture can also lead to the growth of mold.

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