Ideal Conditions For Growing Cotton

Looking to get into growing cotton yourself? Here are some basic tips on what cotton needs to get started.


Cotton is a fairly hot weather plant. Never plant so early that the temperature might drop below 60 degrees or so. An average temperature of 90 degrees is good for cotton growth.

Soil Conditions

Cotton has a tendency to wear out the natural nutrients in soil quickly. In order to maximize your growing conditions, cotton will require plenty of fertilizer. Also, cotton seeds are best planted in muddy or sandy soil.


Plant your cotton someplace with plenty of sun all through the growing season. Sun helps it produce the sugars required for proper germination.


Part of why cotton takes up so many nutrients from the soil is its extensive root system. In order for the roots to develop enough to obtain those nutrients, lots of moisture is needed, especially early on.

Pests And Disease

Cotton is very susceptible to both pests and diseases. Choosing a disease-resistant variety of cotton can help combat this. Also, for diseases, rotating cotton with other crops is a basic way to eliminate (or at least reduce) disease. For pest outbreaks, keep an eye out for signs of specific pests and use pesticides as appropriate.

Cotton is a crop that is heavy on management. However, as one of the leading crops in America, the benefits are well worth the effort.