Ideal Wedding Hair Accessories for Bridesmaids

Between the bride and her bridesmaids there are so many wedding hair accessories to choose from that it can become overwhelming. It is the bride’s day, but that does not mean that the bridesmaids can't look good, as long as they don't overshadow the bride. Wedding hair accessories can help the bridesmaids get ready for the big day, while remaining uniform, even though the dresses may not be identical. The article below will go over several ideal wedding hair accessories for bridesmaids that will look great.

Hair Combs

Using hair combs has been a staple in many weddings for years because they are inexpensive, easy to use and great looking. They are pretty enough for the bridesmaids, but will not overshadow the bride in any way. Hair combs can also be easily adapted to fit any wedding theme. This can actually be made into a fun wedding project for the bride and her friends. Out of all of the wedding hair accessories for bridesmaids, a hair comb will be a winning solution. They can be adorned with jewels, feathers and anything else that may fit the wedding theme. They will also serve to keep the hair in place throughout the ceremony and the reception.


Of all of the wedding hair accessories a bridesmaid could wear, the circlet is one of the most refined. A circlet was worn by royalty in many cultures. The circlet is basically a fancy headband, but the small size makes the styles rather limited. Anything put on the circlet that is too large could cover the face and just become irritating. You will find jewels as a main focal point for the circlet but some may have flowers, beads or strands of gold or silver.


Not many bridesmaids will wear a tiara as wedding hair accessories, because they are usually left for the bride to wear. It is, after all, her day to play princess, and many bridesmaids will not take that privilege away from their friend. However, as long as the tiaras worn by the bridesmaids are not as large or as adorned as the bride’s tiara, they can certainly work very well. Tiaras are typically decorated with jewels and rely on their own simple beauty, rather than extra adornments.


Botanical hair accessories are common with outdoor and summer weddings. Nothing sets off a white dress more than a bright flower like a rose or a carnation. Using flowers as wedding hair accessories is also inexpensive and can be taken as part of the floral costs. Traditionally, you will see the bridesmaids carrying a bouquet much like that of the bride but much smaller. Wedding hair accessories that are made from flowers should use the same flowers that make up either the bouquet of the bridesmaid or the bride. This creates continuity.


Hair pins are very subtle wedding hair accessories. A simple dual pin is inserted in the hair which contains a simple jewel or nesting of jewels. These are very subtle and very beautiful wedding hair accessories for bridesmaids.