Ideas for a Kitchen Island Top Ideas for a Kitchen Island Top

Consider several ideas for a kitchen island top before you settle on a choice. Since the countertop surface area is not quite as large as the rest of the kitchen, you may want to spend a little more money to get a quality surface material.

Cutting Board

A cutting board is a popular choice for a custom kitchen island top. Select a worthy butcher-block top for all your chopping and cutting needs. You may want to choose a slip-in butcher block top that can easily be removed, adding versatility.

Roll That Dough

Once you remove that slip out butcher block top, it could reveal a granite or marble surface. Both are ideal for baking preparation, rolling out pie and pastry dough and cutting out shapes for your holiday cookies.

On Both Sides

Many kitchen island designs include a sink or cooking burners in the middle of the unit. Make sure if this is your choice that you include enough room on both sides for at least 18 inches of working space. If your kitchen is very large, always design for more countertop space. You can never have enough.

No matter what top you choose, always include rounded edges for better protection and cleanup.

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