Ideas for Contemporary Window Treatments Ideas for Contemporary Window Treatments

If you are decorating in a contemporary style there are many ideas for contemporary window treatments. This article will present some ideas for you to consider.


Contemporary usually means modern and timeless so your first thought should be neutral color fabrics. Today's neutrals are far broader than yesterdays. One use to think black and white. Now decorators use gray, brown, tan and pale pastels as neutrals with success.


In a contemporary room you don't want fussy ruffles, scarves, sheers or double hung tie back curtains. Stay plain and simple. If the fabric has a design or pattern, let it be the main focus and not an abundance of fabric.


If you don't want curtains or drapes there are other ways to go. A very popular window treatment is wooden blinds of at least 1 inch width, but sometimes as much as 2 inches. These may or may not be hung with a valance or sheer curtain. Bamboo roll up shades, pleated shades and Roman shades are also contemporary decorating choices.

Window View

And last of all, no window treatment at all is popular in a contemporary room, especially one that has a beautiful view of an ocean, cityscape or nicely landscaped backyard. If you want to highlight this look, you can always hang draperies to pull to one side and rest on the wall out of the way not to obstruct the view.

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