Ideas for Country Home Decor Ideas for Country Home Decor

A country home décor can be a comfortable and fun decorating scheme. There are a few different styles within this category, and we will explore three of them here.

 1.  Rustic Country

Rustic Country is also known as American country. It uses a simplistic approach in furniture and is usually straight lines, with no frills or fuss. The finish on the wood is usually distressed to give it an older look. A popular contemporary version of this is a white distressed finish called “shabby chic”.

As for the décor and accessories, Americana symbols and accents are used. The American flag, eagles and stars or barn animals, fruit and vegetables, and old country sayings are appropriate to use within this theme. Window coverings are kept in a simple white or eggshell color, but may have a stamped or stenciled border in red or navy.

2.  Country Cottage

Cottage Country is a more formal style. This is also known as English country. It uses bright walls, with floral window and table coverings. Many times the fabrics are busy, and heavily patterned. Window treatments can include the creative touch of a branch for a curtain rod, or ornamental antler rods.

The furniture is ornate with bold patterns in shades of red, pink, green, and sometimes splashes of purple. You will use a lot of pillows in this décor also in a mix of floral patterns, with some solids and ornate trim. Other decor to include is lace doilies, bold floral arrangements, metal picture frames, and mirrors.

3.  French Country

This style is furnished in deep reds, such as wine and crimson, dark greens, and touches of navy blue. Other colors that may be used are goldenrod yellow, and eggplant. When you choose your color, choose two main colors and one accent color.

Be sure that the walls are kept white or neutral to balance out the other bold colors in the room. Window coverings can be dressed up with tasseled pullbacks, or a very ornate brass curtain rod. The curtains usually go all the way to the floor and can puddle. Distressed wood can be used in this style the same as it is used in the rustic style, and can be very eclectic in its design. This style, can however, be made into a more formal area if you want to keep uniformity in the furniture and keep it dark and heavy. Glass is often used as an accessory item, along with vintage pieces.

A wood, varnished floor is typically used for country flooring. The wood grain will be appropriate for all styles. Rugs are also an inexpensive way to accessorize any of these rooms.  They are all designed to bring a feel of another time period, and as you can see, there is a design for every taste. Country home design is really fun and easy.

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