Ideas for Country Living Room Furniture Ideas for Country Living Room Furniture

Country living room furniture is a great way to bring a comfortable, cozy, traditional look to your home. If you want your home to reflect that country style, the living room is the best place to start.

Natural Earth Tones
To bring the country look to life in your home, look for furniture in comfortable, natural tones. Choose a pallet of colors with a main background color and two accent colors that will form the basis of your look.

Choose furniture that reflects that primary color scheme. On the main piece of furniture, have the primary color be the overwhelming color and the two accent colors be part of the pattern or on the throw pillows.  Other pieces can use the accent colors as their main color.

Think Comfort
A major element in country living room furniture is comfort. There should be one focal piece in your living room, often a large couch or a decorative cupboard or shelf.

This focal piece should have a distinct country look to it. If it is a couch, have inviting pillows in country, earthtone colors and natural designs. Nothing excessively formal or extremely ornate fits in a country living room.

Mix Patterns and Colors
A great country-casual look mixes all kinds of textures, colors and patterns for a casual look. Complementary pieces bring character and comfort to a room.

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