Ideas for Creating Closet Space under a Loft Bed

Utilizing the space under your loft bed is a great way to save space. This space will come in handy if you have a small room. There are many ways to use the space under a loft bed. When you have a room without a closet, using the space under your bed for your closet will be much cheaper than building a closet. When looking at the space under your loft bed there are many different ways to add a closet. Here are five ideas to consider when turning the underneath of your loft bed into a closet.

Strait Across

This is the easiest way to add a closet under your bed. You can mount closet pole supports, which can be bought at any hardware store. You mount the closet pole supports at each end of the bed so that the closet runs strait across the underneath. Then you cut the closet pole to the correct size you need. After you have cut your closet pole all that is left is to place it into the support you have already mounted. If your budget is tight you can make your own closet pole supports. You will need two small sections of a 2x4. Mount the 2x4 sections under the bed and drill out a hole to put the closet pole in.

On the Sides

Another option for a closet under your loft bed is installing two poles along the sides. By placing closet poles on each side you will leave room to either have a desk, dresser, or shoe cabinet in the middle of your space. When you have a small room using the space for dual purposes can be very beneficial.

Wrap around

If your child has a lot of clothes your best way to add a closet is to wrap it around the space under the bed. The wrap around involves adding closet poles to the sides and all the way across. This way your child will have more hanging space for their clothes. You can always add a small shoe cabinet under the clothes if your son or daughter needs somewhere to store their shoes out of the way.

Cabinets on the Back

When using the side closet method, which we discussed earlier, you can build cabinets on the back wall under your loft bed. This option is great for people that would rather have their pants or shorts folded instead of hung up. When you have the closets on the side you will have a place for your suits, dresses, or shirts to hang. In addition, when building cabinets under a loft bed you can design them in whatever way best suits your or your child's routine.

Entertainment Closet

If your kids cannot live without their TV or game systems there is another option you can choose. Once again, use the side method to put the closets on the side. Then you can build an entertainment center in the middle or buy shelving to create an entertainment area. This option saves a lot of space in the rest of the room.