Ideas For Designing A Loft

A loft apartment or a loft addition in a home has many design challenges because you have to make a lot happen in a relatively small space.

Creativity and Multiple Uses
Think creatively when you design a loft. A seating area may make an excellent room divider, and bookshelves and storage units can be decorative while solving the problem of how to divide your area.

Go up If You Can’t Go Out
Keep the area open in a loft by going up. Make ceilings as high as possible and build in as much storage as possible.

In a loft, storage space is usually at a premium. Use oddly-shaped nooks and crannies as shelves or for drawers. Any space too small to be used as living area can be used for storage. Consider using doors to hide items you need but don't want to be visible and use decorative shelves, colorful cloth, wood and wicker bins to store seldom used items.

Use Existing Elements

Posts, beams, low ceilings, and exposed pipes are characteristic of loft areas. Use these construction items as practical or decorative elements to give a unique character to your space.

Make your loft sparkle by using creative design ideas.