Ideas for Garage Additions Ideas for Garage Additions

Many people wish they had more space in their home and a good idea is to add square footage to a garage. Many newer homes have attached garages. Other homes were built with detached garages. The garage is a short walk through your backyard can give you access to the additional space you thought didn’t exist. If your garage is used as storage space for lawn equipment, sporting goods or a cars, you can reorganize your space to find more room. Adding square footage to your existing garage allows you to maintain a space for the things already in the garage and create a space for your new plans.

Home Office

A rapidly growing number of people are telecommuting and working from home. However, working from home can be difficult for a number of reasons. First, home brings with it a number of distractions. There are chores to be done, bills to be paid and children to look after. If you have found a way to quiet the distractions, finding an adequate work space can be an even bigger challenge. Finding a place to set up a workstation with a desk, computer and telephone can be difficult. Using your garage for this space can allow for you to have a dedicated work area. With a few modifications, your garage can be outfitted with heat, air conditioning and plumbing.

Laundry Room

Climbing the flights of stairs to and from a basement laundry room can be full cardio-workout. Many newer garages have washer and dryer hookups that are built in. For those that don’t, adding laundry hook-ups is easy. A garage laundry not only eliminates the need to haul clothes to and from the basement, it keeps appliances that could leak water or spark fire out of your main living space.

Music Studio

Many bands use garage space to make, rehearse and record music. If a music studio seems like the perfect use of your garage space, consider soundproofing and adding heating. The soundproofing will help cut down on the noise heard by neighbors and the heat will protect instruments from the destructive cold air. If your garage is large enough, you can outfit your music studio with a booth and a seating area for visitors.

Guest Suite

A guest house is the ultimate garage addition. You can maintain your entire garage and have a guest suite. With the addition of a second floor, you can create a bedroom, sitting area and bathroom for your guests. A suite allows your guests to have their privacy and your family sleeping arrangements are not disrupted. An existing two car garage is the perfect foundation for a guest suite. There are a number of building plans available to the do-it-yourself builder.

Whatever you choose to do with the extra space provided by your garage addition, make sure to check all building plans with the local municipality to make sure that they are up to code. After it is all done, enjoy your new space.

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