Ideas for Mounting a Toilet Cabinet

If you are short on storage space in your bathroom, installing a toilet cabinet can be a great help. By putting a bathroom cabinet above the toilet, you create an area that is perfect for storing linens, beauty products, and extra toilet paper.

Before Buying a Toilet Cabinet

Before purchasing your toilet cabinet, you need to take a few measurements. Measure the width of the toilet tank to make sure that the toilet cabinet you choose will be wide enough to fit over it. Also measure the height of your toilet to ensure that the cabinet will be tall enough to fit over the toilet.

Installing Your Toilet Cabinet

If you have a free-standing toilet cabinet, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions for assembly and place it over the toilet. If you have a wall-mounted unit, you need to secure it to the wall once it is assembled. These units have to be attached to studs in the wall due to their weight. Use a stud finder to locate the studs, then attach the unit using the provided hardware.