Ideas for Storage Space in a Glass Executive Desk Ideas for Storage Space in a Glass Executive Desk

A glass executive desk compliments a modern architecture or design. Glass helps to reflect the light that comes into the room, making the space look larger than it actually is. Glass executive desks are used, often, by individuals that like clean lines and not a lot of clutter. You may think that you cannot store anything in your glass executive desk, but there are plenty of ways to develop storage solutions for your beautiful desk. Below are several different ideas you can incorporate into the storage solutions and ideas you have already developed for your desk.


If your desk is big enough or if it is sitting against a wall in the room, then you may want to think about adding a hutch to the top of the desk. You can purchase a hutch that is very similar to your glass desk style and the hutch can help you add additional storage space without taking up additional floor space in your office. Pick a hutch that has pretty glass doors and a simple design. Make sure the framing is not too bulky and make sure it will fit neatly on top of your glass desk. 

Under the Desk Storage

There are so many different portable storage options. Some of these storage solutions can roll underneath your desk and create drawer space. You can even pick an option that has a closed top, so that you will never see what is in the first drawer underneath your glass desk. Pick something that has rollers on the bottom of the drawer and you will be able to lock them into place under the desk and move them about freely when you are looking to rearrange them in your room.

Desk Organizers

Desk organizers can help any desk. Pick a few organizers that have stacking capabilities. Set them on top of your glass desk and you will have an ability to arrange and put away your files and important memos or business memories that you need at your fingertips at all times.

You can also pick items that will help to store your pens, pencils and paperclips. Keep yourself organized and put together all the time.

Under Desk Keyboards

Mount a keyboard holder underneath your desk. You do not need to clutter your desk space with a keyboard on the top. With a few screws, and a track, you can mount your under-desk drawer easily. This drawer may serve the purpose for your keyboard and even for your mouse or other little components that you would routinely have on top of your desk for your computer operation needs.

Pick a Safe

If you need to secure important documents, extra money or valuables in your office, consider adding a safe under your desk. The safe can be bolted to the back of the desk and to the floor boards. Use a safe that can be operated by an easy key pad and a key.

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