Ideas for Stripe Upholstery Fabric Ideas for Stripe Upholstery Fabric

There is a incredibly large selection of stripe upholstery fabric to be found in stores as well as online. You can create many combinations with stripes or by matching them with complementary patterns.

Stripe Upholstery Fabric on Furniture

The possible options for plain and striped upholstery fabric are endless. To create a great home accent, have the living room sofa and chair covered with colorful and lively stripes, but keep the carpeting and the walls in plain colors. The opposite also works well: on a plain sofa, using stripe upholstery fabric that has the same tones than your curtains to cover cushions can really bring it to life.

Using It For Accessories

The important thing to remember is to not use too many stripes in a decor. Using them for accents like pillows, cushion, curtains, lamp shades and such is a good idea.

When there is a lot of stripes on the furniture already, it looks better to use plain fabric for the accessories. If you have stripes on your wall tapestry for example, then it would be better to have plain furniture and striped accessories.

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