Ideas for Halloween Party Games Ideas for Halloween Party Games

If you’re throwing a Halloween party, planning some games to play will ensure your guests are kept entertained. Halloween party games can be fun for all ages and aren’t just for children. Adults and teens will also enjoy playing games and having a chance to act like kids again. Playing games is a good way for your guests to get to know each other and get in the party mood. Here are some games that are fun and easy to play at a Halloween party.

Pass the Pumpkin

This is a Halloween variation of the traditional “pass the orange” game. Instead of oranges, use small pumpkins if you can find some. Split your guests into two or more teams, with equal numbers in each team. Each team needs to stand in a circle and try to keep their hands behind their backs. It is then a race to be the first team to pass a pumpkin to each player in turn, going round the circle back to the beginning. The catch is that players have to use their chins to pass the pumpkin to each other, not their hands! If anyone drops a pumpkin on the floor, they need to pick to up again with their chin.

Musical Monsters

This is a good game to play to liven up a party and get everyone dancing. It’s particularly funny when everyone is dressed up in their Halloween costumes. Play a CD of Halloween music, or your own compilation of Halloween themed songs. When the music stops everyone has to stop dancing straightaway and stand still. The last one to stop moving is out of the game. This goes on until there’s only one dancer left, who is the winner. This game is so easy to understand it’s great for even young kids, as well as adults.

Halloween Pictionary

A do-it-yourself version of the popular board game can be a lot of fun for older kids, teenagers and adults. Before your party, plan ahead and brainstorm as many Halloween related words as you can eg. haunted house, broomstick, vampire etc. Write each word on a separate scrap of paper and mix all the words up in a suitable container – a cauldron, carved pumpkin or witch’s hat, for example. So that everyone can see the pictures being drawn, put up a chalkboard or whiteboard. Divide your guests into two or more teams. Each player then has a turn at drawing one of the words and their team mates have to guess correctly what the word is. The aim is to draw quickly and help your team to guess as many words as possible in a 60 second time limit. The next team then has a go at drawing and guessing, and the game continues until every player has had a go at drawing. Remember to keep score on each turn. The team that guessed the most words wins.

Hopefully you’ll agree that Halloween games aren’t just for kids and there are plenty of Halloween party games for adults as well. Halloween is a great excuse to have a laugh and relax with friends, and playing a few games is a good way to encourage everyone to get into the spirit of things.

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