Identifying a Water Heater Supply Line

Locating the water heater supply line can be difficult if you have never done it before. Here are a few guidelines to help you through the process.

Finding Cold Water Line

Typically you will be able to see either the word "Cold" or the letter "C" on or near the cold water line. If not, you can look around to find a crank knob, which is connected to the cold water supply line.

Finding Hot Water Line

Again, if the hot water supply line is not marked with either the word "Hot" or letter "H", you can find it on the end as it is the last copper line. It is also easy to spot because there is nothing attached to it like the cold water supply line.

Once you have located the supply lines, you will want to make sure that you shut off the power to the water heater before you begin any work. If you are replacing the supply lines, hold on to the old ones so that you can measure them. You will need to replace them with new ones of the same size. Marking the lines to identify them easily in the future can help your next project go by smoothly.