Identifying Different Varieties of Flowering Quince Trees

Flowering quince trees are both beautiful additions to a garden and fruit-producing trees. Typically, when someone refers to a quince tree, that person is speaking of cydonia oblonga. This tree is native to Asia and produces the quince fruit. However, there are several other varieties of quince trees, and the well-informed gardener will be able to distinguish between them. Read on for a guide to identifying the different types of quince trees.

The Cydonia Oblonga

The main quince tree grows yellow, pear-shaped fruits. The leaves are large and covered in fine, white hairs.

The Other Varieties

Pseudocydonia sinensis, also known as Chinese Quince, is a related tree. It does not have serrated leaves or thorns, which serve to distinguish it from the other varieties of quince tree. The flowers grow in a different formation as well, and tend to be spaced out.

Chaenomeles refers to another set of closely related trees. These trees also have serrated leaves and bright orange flowers. The shape of the flower on each of these three trees is different from the flowers on the Quince tree.