Identifying Different Varieties of Hypericum

Hypericum is most commonly referred to as St. John’s Wart. There are about 400 different species of this plant. If you are interested in using this healing herb you will need to identify the different kinds and know their uses. It is a plant that has many uses, including as a sleep aid for those who suffer from insomnia. Other uses include its natural anti-depressant qualities that can help to alleviate not only anxiety, but also headaches.

Some people like to use it as a natural remedy for not only skin rashes, but also when they have an upset stomach. Other helpful benefits of St. John's Wart are that it can help with dry mouth, feelings of tiredness and even digestive problems. Continue reading for more information on this essential herb.

Goldwire Hypericum

Goldwire is a wildflower that is usually found in California. It is a short perennial plant that has bunches of bright yellow blooms all along the stems.

St. John’s Wort

These plants have been used for years for herbalism. They are most commonly used to treat depression and can be found in tablet, capsule and even in the form of tea. St. John’s Wart can easily be obtained over the counter. Just recently they have begun to test its effectiveness for the treatment of alcoholism. With yellow, five-petaled flowers, St. John’s Wart is identified as a flower and leaf type.

Hypericum Anagalloides

This type of plant can be found mostly in the western part of the United States. You will more than likely find these plants in areas such as stream banks and mountain meadows. Very lush and green patches will be found along the ground with these plants. The flowers are not big and are usually low to the ground. They consist of five yellow oval-shaped petals.