Identifying Different Varieties of Wisteria

Wisteria is a very vigorous vine that needs constant attention or it will take over the area in which it grows

Japanese Wisteria

Japanese wisteria is a floribunda with blossoms in twenty inch clusters. This is a spectacular plant when restricted and the flowers form curtains of fragrant blossom. The blue flowers open from the bottom of the cluster and show a long flowering season.

Chinese Wisteria

Chinese wisteria is a sinensis producing flower clusters up to twelve inches long that open together. The Chinese variety is not as fragrant as the Japanese. The basic color for the flowers is blue although, although you can now find them in pink and white.

American Wisteria

American wisteria is less invasive than either the Japanese or Chinese varieties and bears its flowers in short clusters up to six inches long.


Japanese and Chinese wisteria will often produce a secondary flowering late in the year, but American wisteria tends to produce blooms throughout the summer.

Seed Pods

The seed pods of all varieties are brown when ripe. The American variety produces smooth pods about three inches long while the Japanese and Chinese varieties produce furry pods twice that length.