Identifying Gerbera Daisy Diseases

Gerbera daisies are subject to mold diseases, and it is important to keep the leaves dry because of this.

Grey Mildew

Grey mildew develops very quickly on damp leaf surfaces. The spores of this particular mold do not contain water and germinate extremely quickly on even a film of water of a leaf. The mildew will destroy leaves and the disease leaves brown spots on the flowers although these are often not visible to the naked eye.

Leaf Spots

Leaf spot is another fungus that can do tremendous damage to leaves. The spot develops as a series of concentric rings within an irregular shaped spot on a leaf. The fungus thrives in high humidity and reducing the humidity around your plants is one of the effective means of control. Healthy plants tend to resist this fungus so if they appear, it could be an indication of a deeper problem with your plants.

White Powdery Mildew

As the name suggests, this disease covers the leaves of a plant with a white powdery looking surface. This infection spreads very quickly and drastic action is necessary to prevent the spread – which is by wind.

Molds and fungi can be controlled by maintaining lower humidity and ensuring good ventilation between the plants. Keeping the plants healthy is also a good preventive measure.