Contemporary Kitchen Features

The kitchen may be the busiest room in the house; it’s where life happens. We cook, we talk while we cook, we eat, we clean, stock shelves, read the newspaper, pour coffee, sip tea. Some of us watch our children bang pots and pans on the floor or watch the dog linger over his breakfast bowl. Upgrading and updating a kitchen is a hefty expense, but there are ways to incorporate features one at a time to suit any budget. There are many ways to add helpful and attractive features to make kitchen life more streamlined, more organized, more delightful.

Speaking of pots and pans - pulling them out of that deep bottom cabinet, struggling to find that sauce pan amidst the colanders, frying pans, skillets is a frustrating hassle. Every pan means another bout of reorganization to get everything to fit back in the cabinet. For busy cooks, this simply won’t do. Consider the simple addition of a hanging pot rack. Even if your pots and pans are all mixed and matched, they will appear charming dangling from a wooden rack waiting to be plucked easily and perched on the stove. Or, if you plan to put in new cabinetry, consider pull out options that make finding and retrieving items far easier than was possible a few decades ago.

Many cooks complain about the lack of workspace. Maneuvering that rolling pin and pizza dough around the toaster, coffee maker and canister set is a drag - but one so many of us contend with. An island need not be a feature of luxury homes or gourmet chefs. Today’s islands can be as small as a tall end table and as movable as a wine cart. It simply requires a butcher’s block top and it can be set anywhere in the kitchen you like until needed for use. Naturally, custom islands can be had that will match your current décor - opt for models with storage beneath for items like crock pots, cook books, utensils, etc.

If your family eats in the dining room, you may want to consider eliminating that kitchen table - with the kids always tossing their books and lunchboxes there, it’s always a haven for clutter. Instead, add additional counter space and add a couple of barstools for quick meals on the go. Instead of that kitchen table, you may be able to build walk-in pantry or extra cabinetry. Making the most of your kitchen space and designing it to fit your lifestyle will add to the flow of life and make working in your kitchen enjoyable.

Other space savers include mounted appliances such as the microwave or coffee makers. These leave more room on the counter and provide a more contemporary look as well. And, rather than hanging pictures of wreaths on the wall, incorporate shelving for your glassware or dishes. This will make them easily accessible and free up some cabinet space for other items.

Finally, to achieve a more contemporary look, you don’t need to make everything stainless steel - you simply need to keep things clutter-free. Wood features are timeless and add a pleasant warmth to any room of the house. Splashes of bright color - the red toaster, the checkerboard backsplash, the striped curtains - will give the room a decorative feel while the organization makes for ease of use. Check online or your local home improvement center for more contemporary kitchen accents and features.

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