Imaginative Ways to Enhance a Dining Room With Wainscoting

Wainscoting is a great way to make any room in your house look more elegant. While it was originally created to protect the lower part of walls, it is now used for decorative purposes in many homes.

Height of Wainscoting

The average height of wainscoting usually ranges from 3 to 5 feet, depending on the desired look. It generally is installed between the baseboard and a chair rail. There are many tricks to fool the eyes when it comes to wainscoting. For example, if you have a very narrow window in your dining room, tall wainscoting may make it look bigger, but it will also bring the ceiling down and make the room seem shorter. This look might be ideal in a dining room that has a lot of space and a small table.

The closer the wainscoting is to the ceiling, the lower the ceiling will look. If you have a chandelier in your dining room, try matching the wainscoting to the height where the chandelier comes down. This will tie the room together to those who enter it, and it will draw your eyes to the chandelier.

Wainscoting Styles

Wainscot comes in a number of styles. The beadboard style is popular and consists of grooves. It used to have to be installed piece by piece, but now it can be purchased in wall length pieces. There are also flat panel and raised panel pieces. Depending on how you arrange these pieces and how you paint them they can have certain looks.

You can create an interesting pin stripe pattern in your dinging room by painting beadboard wainscoting on alternating pieces and grooves. You just paint a pattern of a large stripe on one piece, followed by a thin stripe painted in a groove. Depending on your décor, this can give the room an elegant feel painted black and white or a country look if painted a cherry red.

Unique Ideas for Wainscoting

Try a new look by installing beadboard horizontally instead of vertically. This will create a new set of lines in your room and make it look unique. Buy a white raised board wainscoting and paint the framed grooves black to make a framed look. Using a dark color as your main paint color for the room and white for the wainscoting is a popular look that adds elegance to any room in your home. This is especially nice when you have a dark wood dining table.

You can also double up on this kind of wainscoting. By putting two pieces on top of one another, you’ll have a paneled look. This may not work if you don’t have enough space between the wainscoting and ceiling. It could make the room look smaller. If you have a raised or otherwise tall ceiling, you can get away with this, but if you have a smaller dining room, you should get the shortest wainscoting panels possible.