Imitation Plants vs Real Plants Imitation Plants vs Real Plants

Many professional gardeners find it debatable, whether imitation plants will ever parallel the natural grandeur of real plants. Some would say that artificial plants are just an image of reality, just like a printout of a famous painting. Others find imitation plants rather suitable for their homes or workplaces.


Everybody loves the refreshing smell given off by real plants when they are in bloom. When growing a bunch of flowers together, the rich aroma can propagate throughout your whole household.

On the other hand, imitation plants are ideal for people who have a weak immune system. Lots of micro-bacteria can grow in the soil of real plants or in the liquid by which they are watered. In hospital ward rooms artificial plants are commonly used to decrease the chance of someone contracting an infection. Artificial plants can be used during the winter season in cold countries, where the real plants would be otherwise covered in a blanket of snow.


The cost of imitation plants varies depending on their quality and size. Cheap artificial plants are noticeably fake from a few feet away. Furthermore they tend to become a few shades paler when exposed to the sun for a couple of weeks, thus gaining an even more artificial coloring. The expensive forms of imitation plants are uncannily close to reality. They would be accurate all the way down to the fine details such as the venation of the foliage and color tones. The advantage of keeping an imitation plant is that there are no long term costs, and buying it is a onetime investment.

Real plants also vary in price depending on the species and season. Always keep in mind the cost for its watering, fresh soil or fertilizer and other random plant apparatus needed such as pots.


For obvious reasons, many people prefer the look of real plants. However try to envision the times when your plants might not be so well off. Their leaves would be shriveled and about to fall off, the previous vibrant colors gone. Some vases of real flowers might start to give off an awful smell. All of a sudden purchasing artificial plants for your home doesn’t look like a bad idea at all.


Some avid gardeners enjoy getting their nails dirty with soil and spending the great part of their day out in the garden or re-potting plants inside. On the other extreme you might find people that are too lazy to bother to water their own plants. For the lazy people imitation plants are their ‘Plan B’ to having a plant in their house. Imitation plants require much less maintenance, but would need the occasional dusting as they easily accumulate dust as the weeks pass by.

Maintenance for real plants requires much more effort. However if you are ready to sacrifice some money, patience and time, the outcome of seeing your plants blossom healthily is worth it.

Despite all these comparisons, you might opt not to draw a fine line between real or imitation plants, but to go for the best of both worlds and enjoy the advantages of each.

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