Imperial Deep Fryer

Made by a trusted, technologically-innovative restaurant supply manufacturer, every Imperial deep fryer is built reliably tough. User friendly, Imperial fryers incorporate numerous design features that improve their overall performance. Easy to clean and drain, Imperial products are found in fast food restaurants, delis, food kiosks and sit-down establishments. Ideal for frying up everything from chicken wings to breaded seafood, Imperial deep fryers come in several sizes, perfect for all volume service levels.

Basic Design

Imperial deep fryers feature durable and sleek stainless steel exterior components that look great as well as contain the high heat generated by the burners. Non-marking legs don't leave unsightly streaks on the floor. Durable wire mesh baskets feature an ergonomic design and have handles coated with a heat-repellent polyurethane coating. Imperial offers 25- to 75-pound capacity models that consume 55,000 to 175,000 BTU per hour.

Innovative Features

These fryers use an innovative baffle/heat deflector design that not only heat oil more efficiently, but they absorb and diffuse heat in the process, keeping the environment cooler for the operator. The Cool Zone traps small food particles so they don't carbonize and spoil flavors, while the open-pot style oil tank and ceramic-plate burners add efficiency to the design. All Imperial models feature a quarter-inch oil drain valve. Units come with an MSRP ranging from $2,470 to $6,572.