Importance of a Drum Trap

A drum trap is an easy and effective way to access a drain to unclog it. Typically, objects not intended to find their way into drains settle into these traps and can be removed.

Drum Trap Functions

Drum traps, which resemble metal drums, are an important part of a home plumbing system because their large openings allow you to more easily locate and remove objects you need either to retrieve or to remove from the plumbing system. Their large caps also allow you to easily insert into the trap a plumbing snake you can use to remove clogs in your drain.

How a Drum Trap Works

Water from a drain pipe in your home flows into the trap from the trap bottom, then exits at the top of the trap, leaving solid object behind in the trap. Because water always remains in the trap, blocking sewer gases from leaking into your home through this trap.

Drum Trap Usage

The drum trap cap keeps drain water that could otherwise flow up through the trap and into your home from a fixture such as a bathtub, sink, or toilet. Be sure water from these fixtures is drained before loosening or removing the trap cap.